The damper is opened at a time

June 26 2015

According to information received, Erzincan-Erzurum highway 40 kilometers Mutu tunnels located in the building while the Erzincan and Tunceli shed drainage material to the junction with Ali Ingots (54) 06 DE 2104 plate truck damper management, for some reason opened undetermined while on the move.

Damper underpass mounted truck driver part, stood up to the shock of the violent crushing hit the ceiling. Bullion trapped in the truck was removed from the scene of the accident broken glass help scoop.

112 Emergency Service crews at the scene, Erzincan Mengücek Veterans Education and Research Hospital removed the bullion was learned that the danger of life.

After the accident, the Tunceli-Erzincan road junction began providing controlled transportation. Trucks jammed the underpass, with the help of business machines that were removed from the scene in about 4 hours.

Bullion driver’s colleague Fahri Kaya, told the following about the events:

“My friend brought drainage material to us. After draining material to us again revolved around the construction site. We heard a sound at the time. Dump accidentally lifted, passing through the underpass friends stuck here. We have a friend bring buckets by breaking the glass of the truck. We called an ambulance and came. We sent the injured to the hospital as our friend. “